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Introduction to Permaculture Design Course

Using whole-systems thinking, permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of productive ecosystems based on applying principles that reflect the diversity, stability and resilience of nature.  

This 20 hour introductory course will take participants through the foundations and theory of permaculture, work through some of the design exercises and apply the concepts to a collaborative design project for your community, property or workplace. In 2023, the project was a design for the Strathmore High School Community Greenhouse space. 

Course Outline

  1. Permaculture Ethics and Principles

  2. Observation and Deductions from Nature

  3. Mapping

  4. Water - Access - Structures

  5. Zone and Sector Analysis

  6. Needs and Yields

  7. Flow Diagrams

  8. Guilds and Succession

  9. Putting it All Together

student art render of Strathmore High School Greenhouse
SHS greenhouse in winter Strathmore
SHS greenhouse grown watermelon
SHS Greenhouse sponsor sign
SHS greenhouse plants
SHS geodesic greenhouse tour
SHS greenhouse compost area
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