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Composting Workshop Series (in person)

Composting is one of the most useful and inexpensive ways to keep resources and nutrients in your permaculture system to support the health and production of your fruit and vegetables. There are several types and variations of how to compost, but all involve the essential microbial conversion of carbon and nitrogen materials into nutrient rich, biologically complete food for plants.

These three 1.5 hour workshops will take participants through the basics of:

  • static composting 

  • thermophilic (hot) composting

  • vermicomposting

Understanding the benefits and challenges with each type will help you understand which one(s) might suit your needs best.

Contact us to book a workshop for your group!

Image by Edward Howell

Join us to learn how you can start producing your own backyard compost and turn your yard waste into free organic fertilizer for your garden, trees and shrubs.


Whether through learning, experimenting, practicing, teaching or having conversations, Jen’s passion is to help others learn how to grow their own food.

Image by Jonathan Kemper
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