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Mason Bee Workshop

Mason bees are one of many native solitary bees that pollenate our flowers to create fruit!  These early spring bees were created with a unique ability to pollenate even more efficiently than hive bees. Join us to learn how important these friendly and gentle bees are to our biodiversity!

This 1.5 hour workshop will take participants through the lifecycle of mason bees, their ideal habitat, harvesting cocoons and how encouraging them to nest in your permaculture garden can support a more productive and healthy food forest.  

For those wanting to try raising some mason bees, there are a limited number of kits available for an additional cost to the workshop. These kits include a bee hotel, reeds for nesting and cocoons to release as soon as the flowers bloom in spring.

Contact us to book a workshop for your group!

Image by Atefe Fazeli

Join us to learn about these gentle bees and how you can support their habitat and even harvest cocoons to help increase populations the following year.


Whether through learning, experimenting, practicing, teaching or having conversations, Jen’s passion is to help others learn how to grow their own food.

Image by Jack Alope
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